Main equipment+

Focusing on cutting-edge new materials, semiconductor technology, ICT technology, etc. to promote Jiaxing and South Korea's scientific and technological exchanges and industrial cooperation.

Research Direction+

Controllable preparation of low-dimensional nanomaterials, highly efficient dispersion of micro-nano materials, digital printing materials, high-quality organic/inorganic hybrid materials, etc.

Work content+

Extraction and application technology of natural nanocrystalline cellulose in crops
High value-added nanocrystalline cellulose is extracted from straw and used in the development of green products such as photovoltaic films and packaging materials.
Highly transparent polyimide films
Aiming at the bottleneck problem of dark color of polyimide films, it breaks through key technologies such as molecular design and synthesis technology to prepare polyimide films with high temperature resistance and high transparency.
Hydrophobic and oleophobic films
Based on organic/inorganic hybrid materials and UV curing technology, the hydrophobic oleophobic film is developed to be applied to the surface protection of glass, polymer, metal and other substrates.


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