Main equipment+

The laboratory has complete equipment for the preparation of battery materials, electrodes, full battery assembly, test and evaluation.

Research Direction+

Advanced battery material preparation, high-performance battery device integration, battery structure and failure mechanism research.

Work content+

High nickel cathode material coating technology
Aiming at the problem of high alkali content on the surface of high nickel cathode materials, sensitivity to water and serious capacity attenuation, a new surface coating technology has been developed to improve stability in circulation.
High safety diaphragm coating materials
In view of the key problems of poor thermal stability of polyolefin separator, poor wettability of electrolyte and puncture resistance, multi-functional coating materials are developed based on organic-inorganic hybrid technology to improve the safety performance of lithium batteries.
Large capacity cathode material
Nano-silicon and nano-silicon composite technology are develop to improve the circulating stability of silicon cathode materials.
The application of new materials are studied
The application of new materials are studied and high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries are developed. Collaborations are maintained with international partners to study the failure mechanism of materials and batteries.


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Copyright © Copyright © Shanghai University ICP No 18016979 Shanghai