Main equipment+

Equipped with a series of intelligent system measuring and controlling instruments and devices, as well as big data platforms.

Research Direction+

We focus on the development of intelligent transportation, intelligent control system integration and new products, intelligent agricultural machinery control technology, special robots, sensor components, 3D vision systems and products.

Work content+

Intelligent transportation system
Developed an intelligent transportation system based on Beidou navigation, and verified the aging resistance of equipment and instruments to further improve their performance.
Intelligent controlling system
In response to the upgrading of traditional enterprise technologies, an integrated controlling system has been developed to achieve centralized control of multiple devices, significantly reducing labor costs and improving productivity.
New vision system
Integrated touch display system for interactive experience, conference communication, teaching and other fields to improve office efficiency; naked-eye 3D display system, showing more vivid display effects; motion capture technology and system for special effects production in movies.
Data security detection system
It is used to diagnose the security of the database and propose solutions to prevent data loss or damage and maintain data security.


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Copyright © Copyright © Shanghai University ICP No 18016979 Shanghai